(September 19th, Game 2)

(September 19th, Game 2)

I awoke, startled from a strange dream. It was unlike anything I have experienced before. I’m sure there is a word for it… controlling my dreams? I cannot be sure, but the setting was here in this awful-smelling place. I was lead by a man to the fountain of souls, and we dove in. The souls were all but gone though… It was merely water. It seems as if we swam forever down, down, down further until we swam up a little.. and we immediately surfaced.

What I saw defied explination, but I will do my best lest I forget. I cannot help but believe that this means something- perhaps the ancestors are trying to send me a warning of what is to come. Within the grotto were shallow pools which contained bizzare and frightening tenticled beasts. They were writhing about, and looked as though their great appendages could strangle a man the moment they grabbed him. My guide told me that these were once water elementals… but.. I believe he said that they were corrupted. It’s strange. I usually do not remember my dreams so vividly.

Once I awoke, the others were also rousing from what I assue was fitful slumber. It should be noted that our Mari was seemingly trapped within her dream. Considering the time we have been having, and that she was more used to an easier city life, we left her to sleep in the solitude near the tomb.

Our scouting did not go so far because as soon as we turned down the corridor where Talmas wanted to go into, we were almost immediately facing a handfull of the putrid-smelling goatmen. They seemed to have some sort of tent-like materials with them. That would be rather odd because they are inside this dark hole of a place…

We edged down further along the tunnel which mirrored the one we walked down yesterday until we came to the very end. There seemed to be a ceremony of some sort, and someone whispered something about needing to feed the fountain. Whatever this weird sorcery is, it is unnaturally binding those spirits to this place.

It has to end.

Once more we attacked, and soon we found ourselves within the very entrance to what seems to have become a make-shift village. It smells god awful. The most decorated of Goatmen stands before us as a young… kid… I think he was going to be sacrificed. My guess is to keep the spirits guarding the fountain, but why would they do such a thing if it meant killing the youths of their nation? How barbaric.

Another, one who seems to be wearing armor better than the average goatman or wogoatman… goatlady… goatwoman?? Goatwoman… He had the totems like the first goatman we encountered yesterday. I couldn’t help but think perhaps this young kid was perhaps his son or daughter. Honestly I was in no mood to tell as I sliced through the throat of another goatperson.

He fought feircely with the aid of the spirits. I cannot tell for sure, however it seems that the spear which was given to our shaman turned out to control the spirits too. Undaunted by the ecto-coo he had on his hooves, the chief goatman did his best to (and all but) kill(ed) us. It was only by chance that with a quick strike I managed to relieve the area of his taint.

The spirits, once loathe but slowly attacking us near the fountain had gone wild when attacking the goatpeople. By the time we had finished slaying the chieftain, no goatpeople were standing in the entire room. This seems to be a roosting area for both dwarves and their gryphons. That begs the question- where are the dwarves?

Onces these areas are cleaned of the goatpeople’s filth we should start to be able to inhabit this area with our own village. More will come, I’m sure. We shall have to discover more areas for them to reside.

Feeling more beaten than brave, we returned to check upon the rogueish Mari. She still has not awoken, and I am rather nervous of what might be lurking within her dreams.

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(September 19th, Game 2)

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