Light in the Dark

To the Ancestors

Metannalia's commentary

September 12th, Entry 1:
It is Metha.

He’s irritated with me and I don’t care. He doesn’t want to be here, neither do I. We did find it, the passage in, and it is dark and rank in here. There are things that crawl and things- ugly things- that bray and charge and bite. He was disgusted at our trapped ancestors in the well of spirits. He did not want to walk through the bones of dwarves. He scowls when I try to distract him from where we are.

But I am being disrespectful for writing my thoughts in this order. The ancestors receive three brave faces today. All died with honor and all will be credited by the mountain that will keep our clan from the dragon’s harm. It was guarded by a mad beast, half goat and half man. He was an abomination of infliction and I feel his passing was truly our mercy to him. Had we given him his last breath the wicked spirits he aligned with would have stolen it. Deirdre called these creatures “Goatmen”. There are more inside the dwarf-hold.

There is so much death and bad wind. One of our own has taken ill now- though three appeared to have in the evening. I will talk with the ancestors in hope for aid. They have already heard me in the mountain, but I am growing concerned they are not the only things listening.

September 19th, Entry 2:
Spirits who watch us, it is Metha.

I thank you, for my dreams were rich with your words. You sent one of your kind, and he came to show me the fountain we released spirits from the day before and told me of your situation… That they are trapped by something more sinister than these Goatmen, but it is one of the Goatmen, their leader, who forces them to attack us. I shared my dream-visions with my friends, and our day was rightly spent erasing the evil hold he had on our enslaved kin.

Mari never woke, though we are certain now that she is held in slumber and not something more sinister. In her prolonged sleep she missed the one sight that she, of all of our party, would have been most benefited by: you fighting for us. Along side us. Your devoured the evil of the Goatmen, as we reduced their wicked leader to a blistering corpse. No doubt these horrible creatures were about to hold a ceremony to bond the enslaved to their will further. I am glad they are dead.

Talmas is less ill now. We will cure him as soon as we are able. This level of the dwarven hold appears to be clear. It is not yet suitable for the clans to move in, but with time and your aid we will manage to free it of it’s current taint.

Honor to the fallen, for someday we will fall.


IAmLegion Valesse

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