Light in the Dark

We begin

Journal of Talmas.
September 19th
We walked up the mountain, hoping to find another hole into safety. Odds are against us, but what hope we have? After long hike, we came to top of trail. We found a cave! Will this lead down to the dwarves and safety?

While resting, thing came out of cave mouth. Appears to be Shaman due to number of totems it carries. Thing seemed to be half man, or half goat. Did Nature make it this way, mixing man and beast? Answer came soon enough. It rejected our peace talk, and attacked all of us, killing climbers. We circled around it, showing fury of nature and spirits, and crushed it.

Looking at it, thing was no creature born of nature, but instead a corruption. It’s totems were vile, and whole creature was covered with disease. However, its spear was not corrupted, and Mettanalia took it. We burned bodies, but sent Thing’s body flying over cliff. Good riddance.

Exploring the cave, we found stairways up and down, but they led to same room. At the back of the room was a dry well, except for flow of ghosts. The ghosts rose up out of the well and attacked, but seemed to not want to hurt us, as some were ghosts of our ancestors. We gave them peace.

Later, we went into back rooms and found more bodies of Things. Turns out, not just made of goat parts. Rams, deer, other horned creatures. It is even more obvious now that things are WRONG, and should not be. Ghost of the dwarves seemed to agree, as undead of the place had been the ones who had killed Wrong Things. However, undead also did not like any living beings, as they started to rise up to attack us. We retreated, and they went back to peace.

Going back into room of ghost well, we explored side hallways and found large room of Wrong Things, as Mari had scouted ahead for us. We backed away, but rats came after us. We killed them, but they stunk of disease, and infected us. I was able to remove Wrongness from Mari and Dierdre, but am still infected myself. Unfortunately, sound of battle had attracted Wrong Things, so we retreated into darkness, and found a room to rest.

September 28th
After resting, we had many strange dreams. Dreams were brought to us by spirits, who wished to show us the truth. Things were not responsible for corrupted well, but are using it. Turns out Thing we killed outside was king of Things, and his son was below with shamans. Shamans were inside room, performing dark rituals. After we awoke, we shared dreams.

We explored around, and found group of Things(Things called Broo?) coming. We ambushed Broo, and found they were carrying components for a gathering ritual. We then went back towards their main room, and tried to ambush another group. Unfortunately, some Broo got away and we followed them as they warned main group. Although heavily outnumbered, we stayed to fight.

Dierdre and I fought, while Metanallia tried to break control over ghosts that evil shaman had. Battle of wills went on for a bit, until evil shaman tried to attack us, giving up control of ghosts. Ghosts then turned on rest of Broo, allowing us to focus on evil Shaman alone. With much glorious battle, Shaman went down, and ghost killed rest of Broo. We rested, pondered our victory, and now I feel somewhat better.


IAmLegion lluewhyn

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